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We are proud of the successful twenty-year collaboration with dental technique, "Todorovic MTA."

Its founder and owner Miroslav Todorovic, a dental technician, one of the most experienced dental technicians in Leskovac. Now it has its younger employees who passed the knowledge and skills needed to produce high quality prosthetics.

Dental laboratory is equipped with the most modern appliance of today and constantly improve the professional staff to constantly be in step with the modern technologies that are changing the dental practice very often.

Dental technology is an integral and inseparable part of dentistry of dental prosthetics. The problems are arising from the loss of some or all of the teeth in the jaw causing a lot of problems - not only in the mouth but also in the whole organism. Poorly chewed food is causing problems in the digestive system, and rotten teeth to result in adverse changes to the bone.

A dental technician give with knowledge, talent and art of giving a definite appearance of the patient. All this is done in close consultation with the doctor - dentist, which is only right and proper way to treat the patient completely. Depending on the conditions in the mouth therapist selects the best options for making certain types of prosthetics. This means that you can choose from several choices, the work that is most suitable for him. Every decision carries certain advantages and disadvantages, and that is strictly linked to the price of a prosthetic device that the patient can not accept. It should be noted that poor performance can lead to much higher costs. The saying goes "bad work is expensive," so it is very important to choose a professional doctor and dental technicians.

Satisfied customers are our ultimate goal is your business and products and strive to adapt to your needs. Services that we provide to always strive to be one step ahead to your work and private everyday life even more easier and more enjoyable. We are delighted that our intentions identified a large number of users, why we believe that we successfully meet your expectations. In our work we use imported materials from the world's most famous manufacturers. Our laboratory has the latest equipment and materials, all combined with high expertise and professionalism that gives the best results.

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