Fixed prosthetics

Tooth loss is aesthetic, functional and social handicap, for partially and totally edentulous patients. Dental Clinic "Dr. Tasa" based on years of experience, following modern trends in collaboration with leading dental laboratories guarantee the highest quality dental crowns and bridges. The lack of one or more teeth can be successfully upgraded dental crowns or bridges made of metal-ceramics which have high aesthetic requirements are satisfied and functional component of natural teeth set.


Mobile prosthetics

Tooth loss is aesthetic, functional and social handicap, for partially and totally edentulous patients.There we are forced to invest in the mobile prosthesis, they stabilize with telescope systems, a variety of snaps and quality acrylic teeth whose shape corresponds to the natural and transparency. Do not forget the patients who were referred to one reason or the other without any teeth, so we offer them high-quality, lightweight prosthesis whose dental arches almost completely imitate the color and shape of teeth earlier. We also deal with making the latest Wisil denture.All this follow team of experienced dental technicians who using modern materials that are nontoxic, biocompatible and noiritating with oral cavity.


Aesthetic and conservative dentistry

Diet consisting of a very sugary and processed foods with inadequate hygiene and promote tooth decay today as one of the most common oral diseases.

Conservative Dentistry's mission to prevent the development of caries, to make up for the lost portion of the tooth and prevent further development of caries. Particular attention is given to early detection of caries, training for the maintenance of adequate hygiene and regular check-ups. Early detection of cavities allows to work with minimal loss of tooth caries stop and preserve the function of the tooth. Reliable and proven quality materials manufacturers in the world along with thorough work to guarantee the longevity of dental reconstruction. When decay is detected timely bacteria cause inflammation of the tooth nerve tissue or bone around the roots. This requires a tooth cleaning and disinfection of the root canal or endodontic treatment. It is always better to keep every tooth that has a chance to stay in the mouth. The reasons that favor the treatment of dental treatments are faster completion and subsequent prosthetic reconstruction, preservation of sensation of chewing, maintaining the aesthetic characteristics of the person, the lower economic costs. Attention to improvement of aesthetics, of course, in addition to preserving the health of the teeth and mouth, is an integral part of each of our intervention. However ceramic systems, modern aesthetic fillings give the most striking results. Ceramic systems as standard in combination with a metal base and non-metal-date, are based on long-term aesthetic and functional reconstruction. Imitation of form, color and opacity glassy gum tissue can be achieved most effectively with ceramic systems.


Oral Surgery

Modern dentistry, surgical procedures and appropriate application of local anesthesia allows painless oral surgery intervention with minimal trauma surrounding tissue and rare postoperative complications.

Oral surgery includes all surgical interventions in the mouth such as tooth extraction, surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth and canine teeth, extraction of residual roots, operations on the root of the tooth to remove periapical processes (apicoectomy), removal of tumors and cysts, alveolar ridge leveling and other interventions as part of the preparation of soft and bony structures in the mouth for better prosthetic rehabilitation.

Oral surgery involves upgrading of dental implants, guided regeneration of hard and soft tissues, raising the bottom of the sinus cavities and other interventions aimed at correcting and removing irregularities and deformities of the face, jaw and teeth.

Every tooth is precious, and the goal of modern dentistry is to take all necessary measures to save your tooth!


Children’s dentistry

Children's dentistry involves working with children. Our mission is the prevention and treatment of pathological processes in the mouths of children, creating a trust to accept dental work, as well as advice for parents and children to maintain oral health.

In the dental clinic Dr Tasa you can get a free preview and free advice to your children. We inform you about the bad habits of a certain age your child about proper dental hygiene, follow the removal of milk and permanent teeth.

We 'll make sure you, and prevention is in the first place, and for this purpose we do sealing fissure and fluoride tooth. We hope that the friendly office staff and friendly atmosphere bring a smile to your children who will be very happy to return to us.


Preventive dentistry

Staff of dental clinic Dr Tasa have a special attention to the implementation of preventive measures and preventing caries. These include the addition of fluoride to the teeth, sealants, tooth polishing, tracking the change teeth and, most importantly,giving advice to pregnant women about proper oral hygiene.

Polishing is a method of removing soft deposits from teeth, special apparatus AIR-FLOW, which ejects the powder under air pressure. In this way it is polishing teeth.

Fluoridation of teeth in the office "Tasa" is done with a special paste, which is applied to the teeth. It is a topical application of Tooth Mousse.

Fissure sealing is highest among younger patients, the permanent teeth, the teeth of the shift time. The best results are achieved if the tooth is watered during the first two weeks of the eruption! Used - curable pit and fissure sealant on the tooth (Fisural D).

Follow up examination revealed changes in time provide a painless and easy treatment of tooth.


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