Dental Clinic "Dr Tasa"

Over 50 years of tradition. Three generations of the family dentist. 10.000 satisfied patients. Modern dental techniques.

Complete freedom from fear of dentists.

In our dental office all fear disappears. You are completely in safe hands. We have the solution for your every problem.

Health of your teeth in the first place

Our ​​team is available to patients on a daily basis. It comprises polyvalent dentists, specialists of dental disease, periodontology and oral medicine, oral surgery and orthopaedics for jaws and faces. Thanks to good organization, years of experience and teamwork, patients are offered a better service on a worldwide basis.

Dental Clinic Dr Tasa

We are here for you!

Dental Clinic "Dr. Tasa" is located in the center of Leskovac. In pleasant surroundings and modern equipped offices, our friendly staff will do that visit the dentist will finish the way it started. With a smile. You,or members of your family.

Clinic functiones successfully for over fifty years, through three generations of dentists. Since then, each day it gets a new patient, professional training staff, providing high quality services in the field of dentistry, from the use of modern appliances, giving useful advice with maximum courtesy and discretion and very good prices of services.

Priority is our obligation from establishment of the office is: always be trendy, follow innovations and apply them in practice.

Office hours:

Mon - Fri: 09h-13h. 17h-20h
Saturday: 9h-13h

Visit us personaly at:
Dr Jovana Kašikovića 22
16000 Leskovac


Česta pitanja o stomatologiji

Česta pitanja o stomatologiji